7 Reasons Why I want to Watch Rak of Aegis Again

1. Brilliant. I was entertained by almost everything on the play. Get a ubiquitous Filipino band’s list of songs (Aegis songs really fit the bill), arrange it on a common but timely story that reflects society, put in a dash of drama and a whole lot of laughter, a good cast and you have me wanting to watch again.

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Making my own trail mix

The thing with having many food banned from you is settling for alternatives. Either they’re not as good or they’re mighty expensive. So I’m taking whatever life hacking skills I have together with tried and tested practices that I learned over the years.

I like my chips and nibbly stuff every now and then, so I had to think of something that’s healthier than the off the shelf cholesterol laden chips (which are actually yummy despite the unhealthiness) :D

Then I remember the trail mix I use to make when I was active in mountaineering. I normally gather all sorts of nuts, dried fruits and  what-nots and mix ’em all up. (Since I usually make big batches, I have zip locked portions for my hike buddies and I remember that they even have the audacity to complain and request for additional of something they like or removal of something they don’t *rolls eyes*.) This time I bought some generic almonds which are good for lowering choles (preferably unsalted), raisins that I really like and frosted cereals (sans sugar with plain ones) and viola!

2014-02-13 12.05.05

I also made another batch with banana chips instead of cereals. Other items can be included as well: other nuts such as peanuts, cashews, pistachio, walnuts, name it and put it; dried fruits (I saw papaya, mango and wintermelon in supermarkets), I also sometimes put sweet beans, green peas can be added too :)

So next time I have some munch cravings, I can easily grab these ;)

That cute doll on the bottle cover, Kewpie

Ever since I first tasted California Maki, I fell in love with the Japanese mayonnaise that’s placed on top of it. And during one of my treasure hunting in Cartimar, I chanced upon a Japanese store and found the cute doll that adds the differentiating taste to my maki :D

Now, since regular mayonnaise is not advised on my current meal plan (egg yolks, oil that I do not know),  I suppose Japanese mayonnaise may be better. But I found another alternative, albeit used in moderation, can serve as a taaaaasty salad dressing. Presenting Kewpie’s Roasted Sesame Dressing:

I still haven’t found on Google if why the brand is name as such.

I wouldn’t assume that this product has no cholesterol at all (though package label states zero, I have to research on how reliable those are), considering that mayonnaise are usually made of egg yolks and oil. The good thing is that it is made up of soy bean oil, part of the good oil tribe. Used in moderation and this’ll be perfect for greens ;)

P158.50, Supermarket of Metro Market! Market! Bonifacio Global City

T@ng !na

Marahil ang pinakamalapit na siguro sa film review na nagawa ko ay nung nasa highschool pa ako. Hindi ko rin  naman nalaman kung tama nga talaga ang sinulat ko o hindi. Pusta ko na kung mamabasa ko ngayon iyon ay alin sa dalawa lamang, maaaring hindi ko maintindihan ang aking pinagsusulat o matatawa ako sa kalokohan na isinulat ko. At ngayon, hindi na ako mag-a-attempt na pangarapin pang tawagin ang sulating ito bilang isang film review, bagkus ay isang pagpapahayag lamang ng opinyon. Continue reading

there’s no place on earth i’d rather be

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there will be moments when you listen to a specific music and you close your eyes, you are instantly taken to that place. i guess places have a music that can represent them. although it cannot capture the entire essence but it gives a glimpse of how you feel when you’re there. you may possibly have been to that place or maybe magically transported by mere words.

oh yes, words have that power. they take you to places. they make you feel emotions. they make you feel experiences. just the same as music, albeit more spiritual perhaps.

so if you find that moment wherever you may be, with the perfect music or perfect words, think of that perfect spot, close your eyes and enjoy.


Inspired by infinite satori.

Binondo Chronicles: Tasty

The very first time I went to Binondo was when a friend and I planned a food trip. She was part Chinese and knew her way around. But the funny thing is that she forgot that the day we went there is a day before Chinese New Year. So the place was relatively deserted, almost all shops are closed. I was just waiting for old newspapers and tumble weeds to roll with the wind. We ended up eating at Pancake House instead. So much for dumplings and noodles. Continue reading

Binondo Chronicles

I’m not sure if because I look Chinese that I seem to have an innate curiosity and like for Chinese food. Hopia is a staple bread at home when I was younger and I love tikoy; siomai and dumplings are sure hit as either a meal or merienda; and don’t forget yang chao and pancit! Okay, maybe it’s a Filipino thing to like/love Chinese food. Along with American food, it’s probably two of the most popular cuisine in the country. To sample authentic Chinese food (or as authentic as we can get), Binondo would be the Chinese mecca in Manila. Others argue and discuss about authenticity, but it’s the place where most Chinese are and I’d rather eat than talk :)

So it came as a treat when I learned that we have a satellite office in Binondo and the good part is that I have to go there for meetings and such! Of course I’m not excited about the meetings et al, but instead on the gastronomic adventure each trip to Binondo would entail *insert evil laugh*. Tagging office mates and friends for lunch and dinner, I started a checklist of restaurants and nooks that I’ve been to. A meeting in Binondo would mean a new surprise find or a yummy meal! Join me as I do my rounds in my Binondo Chronicles ;)

Round 1: Tasty Dumplings

This post is part of my ProjectThreeZero series.


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